7 Do Nots

Thoughts on Proverbs 3:21-35

Today’s passage came at a good time because I really need some practical wisdom right now. 

Hmm. There seems to be a lot of “Do nots” in this passage.

1. Do not lose sight of these… (v.21): Referring to the previous passages. Got it. I’ll persevere in finding wisdom, to make an effort to not forget your teaching and letting my heart keep your commandments.

2. Do not be afraid… (v.25): In my previous post I mentioned that I would wake up with “sudden terrors”. I would experience small “terrors of ruin” throughout the day as well. How awesome it is that God didn’t just end with a command to not be afraid. It follows through with the reason why we don’t have to be afraid – “for the Lord will be your confidence.”

Posted this exactly a year ago. Still so true.

3. Do not withhold good… (v.27): Be a blessing to those who deserve it, with the resources God has given you – Time, Treasure, Talent. Don’t hoard it.

4. Do not say to your neighbor… (v.28): … and do not delay! Don’t procrastinate (ouch). Be prompt, especially with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

5. Do not plan evil… (v.29): Now why would I (or anyone) do that? People can be dark sometimes.. Do not abuse people’s trust.

6. Do not contend with a man… (v.30): for no reason. I guess people like to pick fights. That’s not wise. Maybe when people are stressed out, they (I?) end up venting stress by finding someone to blame and fight.

7. Do not envy a man of violence… (v.31): Yeah, because it sometimes feels like they get things done, you know? The ‘peaceful’ approach takes time, effort and heart. But, choose God’s wisdom.

These “do nots” follow the “vertical and horizontal” model of the 10 Commandments, as well as the Great Commandment. You can’t just focus on one and forget the other.

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