Bible Reading 20130628

Leviticus 11

  • Want to get to heaven on your own? Impossible. God is perfect and perfectly Holy, you have to be the same, to meet the required standard to be in the presence of the Great God, Creator, Alpha and Omega.
  • No, “more or less good” will not be enough. Without Jesus, you have to follow every single detail.. And more! The law says do not kill, but actually in God’s standard, anger is just as bad. You have to follow every single detail, perfectly, for your whole life.
  • This is not to frustrate you, this is reality. But being frustrated is not a bad thing. The Holy God, is also the God of love and the God of grace. Without blood, there can be no forgiveness of sins. And God provided the most precious blood, the perfect and holy blood, that covers a multitude of sins. Jesus, our Savior and Lord.
  • What does Faith in Jesus mean? Why is it so important? It is important because it shows that we realize that God loves us, wants to have a personal relationship with us, wants to give us an abundant life by trusting in His ways and obeying His commands.

All this, from a chapter about which animals are clean and unclean.I would have never imagined God using a chapter like this to speak to me
greatly. Thank you Lord..

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