Bible Reading 20130711

Leviticus 12
Isaiah 11

  • Purification after childbirth. I… I don’t understand, and I’m not sure how to apply this..
  • Who is this ‘branch’ that has the Spirit of the Lord, who will bear fruit, who will judge not by eyes or ears but with justice, and will bring peace to all the earth – for man and animal alike? This is Jesus right? It says “in that day”, that day has not yet come.. so this is referring to when Jesus comes again (as he promised).

Lord, I just don’t have it today. Maybe I’m just tired mentally and physically because of the heat. But I thank you that you are always true and always faithful. Even if I don’t understand, and many things about you I might never understand in this life, I know and trust that you will guide me. Thank you.

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