Thoughts on Psalm 116

1. Everyone needs a savior

I think everyone, even at least once in their lives, has experienced or will experience some great tragedy, pain, sadness, discouragement, or sorrow. It could be a one time event or could be a prevalent situation. Whatever it is, it’s something really bad – the lowest of the low – that they can no longer help themselves, they will need a savior. People who know God, or at least know about God, will call to Him – and will get to experience His great saving power. People who don’t will trust man, or man-made ideologies. In the end, I believe, everyone will know the truth.

2. Give credit where credit is due

Nobody likes to help an ungrateful person. Or someone who brags about something he did not do. Have you met someone like that? Annoying, right? How many times are we, as Christians, like that with God? God has created us, redeemed us and blesses us daily. Give Him credit, not just privately in your prayers, but also publicly! The world needs to know His goodness, and mercy, and grace and power.

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