Thoughts on Ephesians 5:1-21

This chapter paints a clear and practical picture of how a Christian should live:

As imitators of God, that is, living with love – even sacrificial love – the giving of ourselves for those of eternal value. To be dispensers of grace, pointing to the One who is the source of grace. Concerned about the eternal soul of man more than temporal things of this world.

To be pure, in body as well as in the mind. Covetousness – stemming from ungratefulness and lack of trust in God – is something that easily surfaces from our sinful human nature. There should be none of this for God’s children. I am guilty of this many times. The counter for this is closely walking with God, being grateful for all the many ways God has provided. There are so many. And to trust that He is Good! That He loves us. That He is able, and wants to bless us.

Therefore we must live with integrity:
To walk in the light and not in darkness.
To be wise and not unwise.
To make the best use of our time.
To consider of the effects of our actions.
To live with joy, to be an encouragement.
And to be thankful at all times.

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