Thoughts on Psalm 140

There are evil men in the world.

I’m the type to brush these thoughts as soon as they come, maybe because I usually try to avoid conflict, or maybe because I believe that people are generally good. Or maybe because I haven’t really encountered a truly evil man, or maybe I have and I’m just turning a blind eye…

Whatever the case, they exist. They attack on different fronts – physically, emotionally, spiritually. They use different methods – directly or stealthily. We can do what we can to protect ourselves – defensively or even through a preemptive attack – but true deliverance, true protection, true peace can only be found in God.

It seems like a recurring theme. The great commandment is to love God and to love others. But men – we – tend do the opposite.

You may have not experienced this evil in your life, but there are those who have, and those who still do. As you have just learned yesterday, You… You are God’s light in this dark world. Let that thought sink in.

It’s sinking in – and it is overwhelming.

Just remember, it is not you that saves – it is God. And He is able, and He will.

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