Credit to whom it is due

Thoughts on Hosea 2

It is disastrous to wrongfully attribute life, basic necessities, protection, and other blessings as coming from anyone other than God.

Like when my son almost thanked “Santa” for the gifts I bought him for Christmas. Nope, sorry for being a kill-joy, but I worked hard to get him those gifts, I’m not going to let someone else get the credit.

That was an oversimplification. It’s not just about attribution or thanks. In the case of Gomer (then metaphorically, in the case of Israel as a nation) she gladly gave all of herself to someone else. Someone absolutely undeserving.

It is not as if God withheld blessings on Israel. On the contrary, God has given so much – it is usually when people have so much that they begin to go astray.

I understand now.

If blessings and comforts are turning me away from God, then all God really needs to do is to take them away so thay my eyes will be (re)opened.

It is then we realize, “oo nga pala.” The heavens and the earth, and everything in it belongs to the God. He is Creator, Redeemer, and Giver of all good gifts. He is the good good Father.

Then just like in Deuteronomy 6, God’s redemption story unfolds. Just as the prodigal son, God joyfully welcomes anyone who ‘comes to his senses’ and returns to God.

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