“The man won’t …

“The man won’t rest until he has settled things today.” Boaz is the man. Do it right, and do it right away! http://bible.us/Ruth3.18.NLT

Going to a conf…

Going to a conference for Agile Developers in Sapporo later tonight. よろしくおねがいします! > 第1回 アジャイル札幌 : ATND http://t.co/Q9HSME9

Diving In

I think it’s time to dive right in to my programming project for the year. Enough studying, researching, being scared and testing the waters – I’ve got to do this.

The plan is to create an Android App, written in Java, using Agile Development Methodology. I’ll probably use the cloud for server/storage, Google App Engine, maybe. MySQL for the DB, unless I discover/somebody recommends a better one along the way. What else. I’ll probably need to create some UML Diagrams? Unless there’s a different term for that in Agile circles.

That should cover the basic skills I need to re-learn, after being here in Mainframe Maintenance for so long.


Kanji: 良心
Hiragana: りょうしん
Romaji: Ryoushin
Translation: Conscience

Kanji: 両親
Hiragana: りょうしん
Romaji: Ryoushin
Translation: Parents

Conscience = Parents?
Parents = Conscience?



今週の文法レッスン: 意見を強調するための質問の形

○○だろうか? = ○○ではない!
誰が○○するだろう? = 誰も○○しない!
何の為に○○するのだろう? = ○○する理由は何もない!

(へぇ~、 そうなの?)

I guess it’s the Japanese version of asking a rhetorical question. Or maybe even sarcasm.

With Nihongo, just like with Japanese culture, many times you have to read between the lines.

Grid Layout and Images

Grid Layout and Image Resources

Facebook for Android?? Not quite. Haha.

Whoa, that was fast, I just finished Hello World – then the tutorial made me dive right into all these new types, classes, parameters. Maybe I shouldn’t have skipped the previous tutorials? Good thing that I still remember some Java from back in college – 8 years ago.