Don’t let your guard down

Thoughts on Psalm 149

“That escalated quickly…”

Warm fuzzy feels in verses 1 to 5 – singing to the Lord, praise, gladness, rejoicing, music..

Then suddenly verses 6 to 9 – double-edged swords, vengeance, punishment, bindings, fetters and executions..

I was unnerved when I first read through it. But as I write this now.. I see the reminder. 

Such is the Christian life here on earth – instruments of praise in one hand, weapons of war on the other. Cannot have only one and not the other. 

And these weapons, they are not against man.. we are against spiritual forces, the struggle is real.

Arm yourself, put on the full armor of God. As you praise the Lord, don’t let your guard down. Don’t give the enemy a foothold. And remember that Jesus is already victorious, do not fear, be strong and courageous. The battle is the Lord’s.

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