hello (again) world

oh hey, yey! my blog back up (again). and we’re off to a good start. i hope. time is moving so fast, so i thought maybe it would be a good idea to start documenting things again.

the biggest news is of course, our little gift from God, Nathan Anthony. he’s already a month old and growing very very fast! if you want hard data, he’s clocking around 50grams a day, or 1.5kilos in a month! at wala pang whey yan. milk, kain, tulog lang ang technique. and the long limbs he was born with, may laman na! grabe, macho baby. laki ng braso, talo daddy, hahaha.

this is why i especially look forward to weekends. because only on weekends can i really spend time with nate. i do get to spend time with him weekdays after work, but im usually sabog-tired and he’s usually fussy naman at night. also weekends is when i can help out naman around the house – para nix, grammy and grampy can get some rest…but those three, grabe ang sipag. they hardly leave anything for me to do!

anyway, today we took nate out to odori for the Sapporo Autumn Festival. it was also his first time to test out his “ride“.

odori was crazy. there were so many people 😯 . nate seemed okay at first, but after a while, maybe because of all the sights, sounds and smells, he started crying na. poor nate. we had to seek sanctuary in the nearby conbini for some peace and quiet (and hot water for his milk, haha). at least grampy and grammy got to finally visit odori, and finally had their first(?) ramen. yum yum.

tomorrow we will make another attempt to be up and ready for the flea market at nakajima park. we missed it last weekend because nate’s gassy stomach kept all of us up the entire night. poor natey 🙁 tonight though, the conditions are looking good: nix is getting rest now for the dawn shift, grampy and grammy are in bed, and little natey is fast asleep (beside me 😀 he’s so cute when he’s asleep!) gaaaah!

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