Hosea is a difficult book

Thoughts on Hosea 1

Hosea is a difficult book.

I understand the allegory, that it serves as a real-life representation of God’s relationship with the Israelites at that time. And since the Old Testament also mirrors certain events in our lives, the book of Hosea is also representative of God’s relationship with us.

But there’s just too many things to process:

  • What Hosea must have felt
  • What was going on in his mind
  • What was going on in Gomer’s mind
  • That what Hosea was going through was what God was (is) going through
  • Why were the Israelites idolatrous/adulterous
  • Why are we idolatrous/adulterous
  • How can Hosea/God be faithful in spite of an unfaithful partner?


Can the faithfulness of one partner cover up for the unfaithfulness of the other? It doesn’t seem like it. This kind of relationship only brings sadness, pain, suffering, missed blessings, missed opportunities.

Regardless of the difference in the levels of commitment each partner gives, both partners should be faithful. God will do His part, we need to do our part.


What’s in a name? Memories will fade, and will be replaced with new ones. But a name will remain. Puts more pressure on me on what to name my second-born…

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