Jesus intercedes for us

Thoughts on Deuteronomy 9

After being obedient to the Lord for some time, we tend to assume that we ‘deserve’ some good things. Be it a big victory or a small victory, some blessings, etc. In fact, when God does give us these good things we have the tendency to think that it is because we are good.

No, no, we are a stubborn and rebellious people – we do not ‘deserve’ these things. All we need to do is look at the cross to see the extent of our sin, how we are completely helpless and unable to fulfill the righteousness that is required by the Holiness of God.

But God blesses us anyway.

Not because of who we are and what we’ve done. But because of who He is and what Jesus has done.

Moses interceding for the Israelites gives us a glimpse of how Jesus intercedes for us before God. The Israelites never understood the trouble they have brought upon themselves when they sinned, and when they sinned again, and again. Moses knew, because he knew the power of God, and he was very afraid.

We don’t know the trouble we could have been in, had not Jesus interceded for us. Jesus knew. “Trouble” would be a terrible understatement.

So, don’t think yourself to be good – we can never be righteous on our own – instead, remember grace. Remember God’s great love.

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