Like priest, like people

Thoughts on Hosea 4

God has given responsibility to spiritual leaders to lead people to Him. So if a spiritual leader leads people away from God, God’s contention will be not on the people but with the leader (v.4). Though, ultimately, each person is accountable for his own actions (v.9). i.e. Adam and Eve.

Are we ‘priests’ or ‘people’? I think we are both. Christians are a ‘royal priesthood’ through Jesus our High Priest (1 Peter 2). All of us to some extent are able to influence others – we are able to lead people closer to God (or, away from God). But we are also all under some authority, and as such we should encourage our leaders to stay faithful to God.

What’s the punishment for the sin of priest and people? An unsatisfied life. Emptiness, even with all the worldly pleasures. It will be a downward spiral that will eventually lead to ruin.

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