Priests and Murderers

Thoughts on Numbers 35

Now in our present time, after the finished work of Jesus, are there still Levites? I think Yes and No.
No, in the sense that once we are made clean through Jesus, we are able to approach God directly. We don’t need human mediators because we have Jesus as our Mediator.

Yes, in the sense that there are people who have given up “regular” lives to be of service to God’s people. As members of the Church, we should support our elders.

The second part talks about Cities of Refuge – places where people can run to and live in, in case they have killed someone unintentionally. We can look at these verses from different angles… but for me, I remember how I myself am guilty of murder – that my sin is the reason for Jesus’ death on the cross. And that God has prepared a “city of refuge” for me.

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