Receive God’s Word, Receive Life

Thoughts on Proverbs 2

Beautiful passage, re-read it many times. Just ended up making a rewrite/paraphrase for easier reading (left-brain thinking).

  • Receive God’s Word
  • Treasure His commands
  • Ears – attentive to wisdom 
  • Heart – inclined to understanding 
  • Seek it like silver 
  • Search for it like treasure 
  • Then you will understand, the fear of the Lord 
  • Then you will find, the knowledge of God
  • The Lord gives wisdom, knowledge, understanding 
  • He stores up wisdom for the upright 
  • He is a shield to those who walk in integrity 
  • He guards the paths to justice 
  • He watches over the way of the saints
  • Then you will understand righteousness, justice, equity, every good path, for
  • Wisdom will come to your heart 
  • Knowledge pleasant to your soul 
  • Discretion – watching over you 
  • Understanding – guarding you 
  • Delivering you from the way of evil
  • From men of perverted speech whose paths are crooked and devious in their ways
  • From the adulteress with her smooth words whose path leads to death
  • So you will walk in the way of the good 
  • So you will keep to the paths of the righteous
  • For the upright will inherit the land, those with integrity will remain in it
  • But the wicked will be cut of from the land, the treacherous will be rooted out of it

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