Thoughts in Isaiah 29

The first read through was tough. I got so confused. I had to go through this chapter piece by piece the second time.

Ariel: In Hebrew means ” Lion of God “, referring to Jerusalem.

It doesn’t look good for Ariel, they are going to be besieged. They will be filled with fear. But though the enemy may be many, they are nothing compared to the might of God. Their foes will be so overwhelmed, they won’t know what hit them.

These prophecies, when they were given to the original audience, were probably more confusing for the people of Israel than it is for me now. But that’s the thing with prophecies, unless God opens your heart and eyes it is impossible to understand. The requirement for that is humility and real love for God. No fakers, no know-it-alls.

There are still prophecies yet to be fulfilled. The promise of a wonderful future. Will we believe and act accordingly?

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