Thoughts in Isaiah 36-37

Once again, God has shown to me that He speaks to us through his Word. Sometimes God calms the storm, but He always calms his child.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand how it feels to be in King Hezekiah’s situation. Famine, war, death and destruction looming – an entire nation’s fate in your hands. Another nation – whose beliefs goes against yours – offering help. The nation attacking – who has conquered many other nations before yours – claiming to be sent by God. You have to make a choice. What would you do?

What did he do? He humbled himself and approached God.

Once again, my God reminds me about the bigger picture. That I should not be so worried about what man can do to me. Instead, I should live in faith as a testimony of what God can do.

In a word God created everything. He commands the winds and the waves. He causes rocks to produce water. He sends 1 angel to effortlessly destroy 185 thousand.

This great and awesome power is still available today. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Do not be dismayed. God loves you and cares for you. Trust in Him.

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