Thoughts on 1 Timothy 2 (part 2)

A common question asked when Christians gather (sadly, because we should be jumping at every opportunity) is, “Who wants to pray?”

1 Timothy 2:8: “…the men should pray” 🙂

It’s probably a terrible interpretation of the passage, but it works – somehow.

In a mixed group of men and women, the men should pray. Man up. Then for an all-men group, well… this separates the boys from the men. Real men pray. Haha.

In a more serious note, the last part of this chapter – on how women should be in church – is usually the focus of many debates. I won’t (can’t) get into that. For me, as a man, I feel that while the passages are addressed to women, there is actually an underlying charge to men. Man up. Take the charge. Take the responsibility and be responsible. 

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