Thoughts on Isaiah 61

Verse 1 was quoted by Jesus during his ministry. This was His calling. I remember when I first read this verse, more than 10 years ago, how it spoke powerfully to me. I felt that this was my calling as well. I know right? I was so young. Eventually I began to feel that, no, this verse was not meant for me. Rereading it again, brought back the same questions.

Isaiah was speaking, so he believed that he was referring to himself. But it was the Holy Spirit who guided him to write it, so technically, this is Jesus speaking as well. Could this be our calling as well? Is the Spirit of the Lord upon us? Are we anointed to bring good news, bind up the broken, proclaim liberty? I think you know the answer to this one..

God has great things in store for His people. He will bring justice, and more. Two, Three, A hundred fold.

You can be a part of this.

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