Thoughts on Leviticus 17

God’s commands, especially Old Testament Law, many times does not make sense if we only consider the What and not consider the Who and the Why. This is how Christianity should be – we should focus on the Who, then the Why, the What should come naturally.

For example, in Leviticus 17, if you kill an animal from the herd and not bring it to the tabernacle, you will be cut off from the community. Strange? Harsh? If a person does something like this the people know something is up. It is most likely that the person is reverting, slipping back to their old ways of idol worship. This is serious as it can spread and affect the whole community.

Not allowed to eat blood? At this point of Leviticus, we know that blood is important and quite possibly scarce because of the sheer amount of sacrifice required to make a whole nation, constantly, clean before God. Consuming blood then would
be an unnecessary luxury – there is no shortage of meat. It’s almost defiance, pride – “I can afford to eat blood because I am rich and have lots of animals anyway” Or “I don’t sin that much anyway”. It is a misuse of a key ingredient to establishing a relationship with God.

It is the same with Jesus – the misuse of the precious gift of His blood is a serious serious offense.

Blood is life – what a perfect metaphor –
without blood, there is death. Physical blood gives physical life. Spiritual blood gives spiritual life.

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