Thoughts on Numbers 20

Poor Moses.. pushed to his limit, and probably in exasperation, had his emotions take control of his heart and his hands. I really feel bad for him. He had a heavy burden to bear. This is a reminder that we should keep our emotions in check, especially when provoked by external circumstances. God takes his name, his Holiness seriously. Even Moses was not exempt.

But I wonder, Moses seemed to not be as affected by this as we expect him to be. If it was another Israelite, there would definitely be even more groaning and moaning. So Moses was taking this relatively well. Ah, there must be something different! It’s because Moses knows God. In a very real and personal way. The promised land? It is a gift, a physical one even, it was a task given to him. But his eyes were not on the gift, not on the task. His eyes were on the Giver, on the Master. Not being able to enter the promised land is a small setback compared to the greatness of knowing and serving God, and the closeness that they have shared, and will continue to share in eternity. He has the right perspective.

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