Thoughts on Numbers 23-24

Balak was doing everything he can to have Balaam curse the Israel camp. He just couldn’t take no for an answer, and kept upping the ante. Each time, Balaam – speaking the words given to him by God – answered the same way. We can even see Balaam gradually understanding the heart of God – from someone somewhat neutral when we first saw him, to one who showered blessings toward Israel. Both wanted to know the will and power of God, both heard the same message, but they reacted differently. Balak was indignant and left with a bitter heart. Balaam was transformed and left with joy.

When we ask God for something, we must be prepared whatever His answer. Yes, No, Stop, Wait, Go – we need to learn to let go of our agenda and trust God’s wisdom. Don’t try to convince the messenger, go straight to the master.

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