Thoughts on Numbers 6

Why would anyone take a Nazirite Vow? I looked for physical or material benefits but there was none. Except that, the person who takes the Nazirite vow is considered holy – set apart for the Lord – during the duration of his or her vow. On top of the many rules for the Israelites to follow, you can still go even stricter, and it seems you can even make a vow on top of your Nazirite vow. Wow. Will God love Nazirites more? I don’t think so. Will it secure their place in heaven more than what is required from those who don’t take the vow? Don’t think so. Is it like a deposit, where it allows you some leeway to be disobedient after the duration of the vow? Nope.

A Nazirite vow allows a regular person, a non-levite / non-priest, to be holy for the Lord. That is a blessing in itself. It shows commitment, it shows faith. Faith in action. Being holy allows you to experience God more intimately, and you know from experience that there is no greater feeling than that. It’s not easy, you will be different in both appearance and actions. And you need to obey perfectly – one mistake, even if it is isn’t your fault, and you have to repeat the process all over again.

What amazing grace. I can never set myself apart for the Lord perfectly like that.

Thank you Jesus.

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