Thoughts on Psalm 109

First I was “ouch”, then I was “hey that’s harsh”, and then I was like, “oh so that’s why”.

The psalmist speaks honestly and without restraint. His love and goodness were repaid with hatred and evil. He calls out to God in prayer as his response, not taking matters in his own hands. It seems that his requests are harsh, but what he is really asking for is justice. Deep inside we all ask God for that. Especially when we encounter oppression, greed, haughtiness, and all sorts of evil. You know what? God will deliver. In His time and way and perfect wisdom, he will judge all of humanity – including you and me. When He does, who can stand? No one. No one apart from the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Only through Jesus can we be righteous before God. Thank you Lord. You are powerful and mighty, and your love and grace are great. Thank you.

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