Wisdom before Busyness

Thoughts on Proverbs 1:20-33

Wisdom cries out in the markets, at the head of noisy city streets, at the entrance of city gates. These are not the calm, quiet confines of one’s home or of one’s church. Wisdom is crying out at places of commerce and society.

Who is Wisdom crying out to?

  • Simple ones that love being simple
  • Scoffers that delight in scoffing
  • Fools that hate knowledge

What does it mean to be “simple”? To be a “scoffer”? To be a “fool”?

Being simple might mean being complacent. Given the opportunity gain wisdom (that begins with the fear of the Lord), the simple shrugs and says “I don’t need that, I’m alright on my own”. Because it takes effort, and because one will be responsible to act upon the wisdom he gains.

Being a scoffer might be a more rude version of the simple – not only is he complacent, he mocks. And enjoys mocking wisdom from God.

Then the fool, could be the hostile one of bunch. He would have none of it, and it’s not enough to make fun of wisdom from God, he hates it.

Why is Wisdom reaching out to them?

Because she’s frustrated! Here is the chance to “dwell secure and [be] at ease, without dread of disaster.” Why won’t they take it? Wisdom is reaching out – for crying out loud.

In the end, we reap what we sow. If we remain as simple, as scoffers, as fools, we will get what’s coming. And Wisdom, well, she will do the equivalent of “I told you so.”

In the busyness of work and social responsibilities, make time for God. 

Don’t let the noise drown out Wisdom’s cries.

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