Eleven for Twenty-Eleven (part 2)

Part 2 took more than a month to come out. Partly because of busyness, partly because of procrastination. But a small part, especially during the last part of January, was because of fear. Fear that i might be setting up my goals too high – and setting myself up for disappointment, disillusionment. January has passed and it was tough to keep up with my goals – and I am way behind on some. But what the heck, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.

A sure-fire way to have more cash flowing in, is to do some skill-ups. Make myself more “marketable” and to “Increase value” so to speak.

5. Pass JLPT Level 1

If I still haven’t passed last December’s JLPT 1, I’ll give it another go this July. We’ll know soon, the results will arrive this week! It will be tougher now with Nate around, but should be doable this year. Just gotta keep studying, doing my Anki reviews daily. Etc, etc.

6. Get Certified

I’m thinking ITIL Foundation for the 1st Half of 2011. Seems like that’s something related to what I am doing now. There’s a demand for it. And also, it’s not vendor-specific, so I won’t get stuck in just one technology. There’s a lot of reading, and memorizing though. This might be a tall order, but let’s try it anyway. Then another certification for the 2nd Half of 2011, don’t know what yet.

7. Develop a Web/Mobile App

This one’s something I’ve been itching to do for such a long time, but never really set up any concrete steps for. I’m really excited for this one though : )

8. Read twelve at least six books

I really want to have a more “diverse” reading list, but with all my goals, I don’t think I have the time for it. The Baby Book (What to Expect: The First Year) is Book One. The ITIL Publications will be Book Two (it’s actually a set of 5 books). Another IT book for Book Three. A Business related book for Book Four. One Fiction, and One Autobiographical for Books Five and Six. Haha. Good Luck.

Mens sana in corpore sano. All these goals will need a well-tuned machine running in optimum levels. I’ve never cared this much about my “health”, but this time I really need to.

9. Reach 23 BMI

I’m currently just a little over 20 BMI, which just barely falls under the “Normal” category. I want to gain weight in muscle, but I guess I’ll focus first on gaining weight. I’ll focus on “fixing it” later. Haha.

10.Pick up a Sport/Exercise Regimen

Ah, this one’s another crazy one. Me? Sports? Really? Oh well, let’s see. If not, I can try running again, or doing weight training at home. Or see how far I can go with one hundred pushups again. I was able to do it before, so I should be able to do it again, right?

And last, but not the least.

11. Write More

In English and in Japanese.

There we go. 2011, bring it on.

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