Heart-full Sunday

Today was a Sunday well spent.

My heart is full (stuffed!) after hearing 3 different messages. First, was the livestream of CCF’s Sunday Service on Repentance (it was a very good one, though I don’t think it was because they changed something.. instead, it’s probably because something changed in me). Second was the Sunday Service in TBC about Loving Others . Third in the afternoon was a talk about Faith (Luke 8) by Dr. John Ng. In between those were many encouraging conversations and interactions.

Dr. John Ng at Tokyo Baptist Church

Especially blessed to see many professionals in Tokyo eager to learn how to better Christians in the workplace.

And the day was capped chatting with Nicole, just sharing about our day.

It feels like I’ve been to a day long 食べ放題*1 for the soul. My heart is full, and my eyes are red (from manly tears, of course).

However, just like 食べ放題, even though I a full now, I know this will sustain me only for a short while. I must remember, as early as tomorrow, to have my “daily bread”.

But today was a good day 🙂

*1 Tabehoudai = Eat all you can

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