Thoughts on Isaiah 51

“Stop, Look, and Listen.” Just like the song my grandfather used to sing to us when we were young.

Stop, take a step back, take some time for this. You are going through something – fear and dismay, sorrow and sighing, oppression and humiliation, anxiety and worry. Be still, even for a moment.

Look. Look around you. God created, and is sovereign over, everything you see. Even those that are in the heavens that we don’t see. He who, with a word created things out of nothing. With a word He can make rivers dry up, deserts bloom, bring about and calm storms. He can bring the dead to life, both physically and spirituality. Nothing is impossible for Him, in fact He does impossible things to prove this point. Look at your past, look at the lives of people whose hearts are fully committed to Him. Look at His great faithfulness. The things of this world, the people of this world, even the world itself will fade. But He will not. His strength, His faithfulness, His goodness never fails.

So Listen. He is calling out to you. Listen to the great things He will do. Listen to how He will bring about His justice. Listen, you who seek the Lord, you who have put your trust in Him. Listen and you will be comforted, strengthed, lifted up, encouraged.

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