Thoughts on Numbers 14

The way you report (facts and/or opinions) can affect people greatly.

It’s not going to be easier, people of God. There are deceivers, discouragers, dividers, desolation – there be giants up ahead. But no, no, no – don’t turn back. You are the people of God. Stick to the plan, His plan, and you will see great and marvelous things.

If you know and have considered this truth, even if you are outnumbered 2 to 10, tell those who are falling away. If it is God’s message, He will back you up, and you would not want to be in the other side.

And when you have seen, and experienced, the great and marvelous things God can do – don’t take it lightly! How annoying it is for us to grumble, doubt and complain! God will forgive us when we confess and repent, but don’t push it. Don’t disqualify yourself from the rest of the adventure.

Your eyes should not be on the land of the promise, but on the God of the promise.

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