Thoughts on Numbers 29

On the seventh month – on days 1, 10, then 15 to 22.. are special days when assemblies are held and offerings are made. That’s a lot, with very specific instructions for the quantity and quality of the offerings. This is in addition to the other special days and offerings that they were commanded to do.

Is God really concerned about these feasts and offerings? I believe, not so much. He is much more concerned with the heart of the people. He says so himself.

So these commands are really tests – opportunities – for God’s people to show their love for God. We need an outlet somehow. For truly grateful people, we can’t just not do anything, we need a way to respond.

Now that Jesus has done the ultimate sacrifice, these offerings and animal sacrifice are no longer required. In IT terms – depreciated. It is an insult to the perfect sacrifice of Jesus to still try to obtain holiness through one’s own efforts.

So what is the command to those who have been saved by grace through Jesus? Love God, love others.

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